What is The X-Fund?

How does this video make you feel? Angry? Upset? Disgusted? It should. One thing I have noticed about the topic of child prostitution is that it moves almost EVERYONE. The conscience God has placed in our hearts screams with anger and hurt at this degree of injustice.

How badly would these little girls want a chance to be free? Imagine if they had the chance to start over. What would they give for an opportunity to say they had never been raped before? What if they could have their virginity back and have the choice to live pure each day? They’d do anything to have that chance right??


If these girls would do ANYTHING to have a chance to be sexually pure, and we get so hurt that these horrific men steal their purity from them, THEN WHY DOES OUR CULTURE TELL US TO THROW OURS RIGHT AWAY??

Think about it: What does TV tell you to do with your sexuality? Magazines? Movies? MUSIC??? Have sex with as many people as you want, as many times as you can. And what’s our culture’s view on abstinence? Think about how the word “virgin” is typically used. It’s in the context of a joke, or making fun of someone right? But what about after watching this video? What would these girls think of the word virgin? Is the idea of being innocent such a joke any more?

You see, these girls have no chance to save the priceless gift of their sexuality because their purity is stolen from them daily. We have every chance to be pure (WE GET TO CHOOSE!) and our culture tells us to give it right away.

So what if you were offered the chance to be a part of a project that is inspiring people around the world to save sex for something greater than the cheap, temporary pleasure our society tells us to live for? AND what if this same effort rescued children from sex slavery so they could have the same chance to live pure?

What if YOUR PURITY could offer THEM the chance to be PURE?

What is The X-Fund? It is an opportunity for YOU to help save lives from sex trafficking around the world by YOU living a life that is sexually pure. If you join this project, whether you are still a virgin or not, your purity from this day forward CAN and WILL help rescue children from sex slavery. How?

Check out this link to begin today: HOW CAN I START?

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