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Joining The X-Fund

Make sure you read our post “The Vision of The X-Fund” before you move on to this amazing opportunity to join us! “Imagine what you...

Make sure you read our post “The Vision of The X-Fund” before you move on to this amazing opportunity to join us!

“Imagine what you can do”

As terribly sad as the issue of child sex trafficking is, we cannot simply respond to these videos by shedding our tears. Our anger and hurt must result in action. But you are probably thinking, “What could I possibly do?”

If you read our post, The Vision of The X-Fund, we told you that your sexual purity could rescue girls and boys around the world from prostitution. Now we’d like to share with you exactly how your life can do just that!


STEP 1: Every day you save yourself sexually, you put away a coin-quarter, dime, nickel-whatever coin you decide. Doing this, you will begin to recognize and value your purity. As coins begin to add up, you will see just how much each day is combining to become something big! At this stage you also must define what purity is. As Christians, we consider purity something much greater than just not having sex. We also strive to be pure in what we what we think and look at.

STEP 2: Find a Mentor who will collect your change weekly. Who is someone in your life that you trust? Someone who is older and wiser; someone you know loves and cares about you? Ask that person to collect your coins weekly-it will specifically help you in overcoming temptation in 2 specific ways:

–When you give your 7 coins to your mentor, what would he/she say? GOOD JOB!! How many of us have someone in our life consistently telling us GOOD JOB for staying sexually pure? I would say not many. Yet with the X-Fund, each week you can be encouraged by your mentor.

–Now let’s say I only give my mentor 6 coins one week. What does that mean? It means I messed up, and I am confessing it to someone who genuinely cares about me. How many of us go to someone we care about to admit when we’ve made a mistake? AND how many times does someone say “ok, I won’t mess up again!” Then they make one mistake, and they feel like they have to go back to their old lifestyle. With the X-Fund, you make a mistake, and you put a coin away the very next day. One mistake doesn’t negate the other 6 days of purity.

STEP 3: At the end of each month, your mentor takes your coins (that represent your purity) and donates them to Ball for Lives. We then add your coins together with the coins of people across the country who are living sexually pure just like you are. And where does all the money go? To organizations like Love146 that are rescuing child prostitutes.


As Christians, we believe Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead for our sins so that we could offer freedom to others. We invite you to join us! We encourage you to put that first coin away tonight.

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