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Valentine’s Day X-Fund Challenge

You might be thinking after watching this video, “How could these girls choose to prostitute themselves, just because they don’t feel...

You might be thinking after watching this video,

“How could these girls choose to prostitute themselves, just because they don’t feel loved? Why would they turn to something that’s so harmful to them?

But the reality is, wherever you live, there are people all around you who are choosing to live in slavery because they do not feel loved. You probably  know people who are

-choosing to stay in bad relationships because they don’t think they can find real love anywhere else.

-having sex before marriage because they don’t truly believe someone would ever commit to them for a lifetime, or have believed the lie that a loving marriage isn’t worth waiting for.

-addicted to pornography, feel dirty because of it, but don’t believe they can stop.

-living in anger and bitterness at their dad who never showed them the love they deserved.

-living in loneliness and low self exteem because they do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend and believe they are unloveable.

-turning to drugs and alcohol to try to escape it all.

People all around us are choosing to live in slavery, just like the girls in this video, because they do not truly believe that they could really be loved.

But Jesus, friend of sinners and lover of our souls, said in John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” The love of our Creator can satisfy us in a way that absolutely nothing else in this world can. (Don’t think you know God’s love in this way? Hear more about how you can know Him HERE).

The X-Fund presents a challenge to you this Valentine’s Weekend:

Do something to demonstrate the love of God for someone that you know is lacking love in his or her life.

Maybe it’s taking your younger sibling out to play after school. Maybe you and a friend can meet up to eat with another friend who you both know is starting to going down the wrong path. Maybe you know a neglected elderly person that you can visit or just talk on the phone with for a while. If you have a date for Valentine’s Day the two of you together can use the opportunity to show love to someone who needs it.

Whatever you decide to do, use this Valentine’s Day and weekend not only to enjoy the gift of love for yourself, but also to allow God’s love to overflow from your life to others.

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  1. occh February 11, 2013 at 12:18 pm #

    Oh Lord, use your children this Valentine’s Day to accomplish great things in Your name in the lives of people you love!

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